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FTCTV to $27k

On July 15th 2019, St. Louis director Cami Thomas and the FTCTV team will launch an Indigogo fundraiser campaign with a goal of raising $27,000. The campaign's aim is to raise the essential capital to bring to life a catalogue of original programming, starting with the third installment of the Smoke City series, Smoke City: Ultimo.


Learn more about Smoke City, the new installment of the series, and how your support will help provide necessary public educational programming that addresses overcoming implicit biases. For larger-scale partnership opportunities, and how to work with the FTCTV team to bring this content and public programming to life, please see the Smoke City Partnership Opportunities document at the bottom of this page. 

About Smoke City and the new Smoke City: Ultimo

The Smoke City documentary series, by St. Louis director Cami Thomas, is a nationally-acclaimed deep-dive into St. Louis. The project covers life in St. Louis after the Ferguson uprising, as the city still struggles to have the conversations that has led to its repeated explosive socio-political moments. In the context of the United States in 2019, the series addresses St. Louis’, and society’s, hesitance to come to terms with its troubled past, through the lens of captivating interviews from St. Louis’ most misunderstood residents.


The ultimate goal, and result, of the Smoke City documentary series is to bring together the many corners of St. Louis, uplift our commonalities instead of our differences, and set the stage for a prosperous and more inclusive St. Louis experience, for every resident of any demographic.

What's Unique About Smoke City: Ultimo?

Smoke City: Ultimo is the third, and final, installment of the Smoke City series. While Seasons 1 and 2 were broken up into episodes, Smoke City: Ultimo will be Cami Thomas’ first ever full-length feature, as a full-scale 120 minute documentary. Preceding wide-scale national distribution, there will be over a dozen live screenings and Q&A sessions across St. Louis. Screenings will be held in middle school, high school, and college campuses in the city, as well as select organizations that would like to bring the screening, and attached lesson plan/training, to their offices.

Screenings and increased guerrilla marketing throughout St. Louis City and St. Louis county will spread local reach to 3x compared to Season 2, at an estimated 10k unique viewers via live city screenings, an estimated additional 5k unique viewers through the local and national film festival circuit, and estimated additional 2k viewers in the international film festival circuit, and estimated 20k unique online viewers via Coupled with the content rollout, will also be a robust guerrilla and web marketing campaign, with a three phase street team/postering strategy, an an estimated 200k St. Louis area web impressions from social media ad campaign, display ads, and PPC web advertising.


In all, FTCTV:

  • Is a tech-enabled media platform where users can watch original content, upload their own, and participate in a growing community of underground culture creators.

  • Is a production house, generating original content and partnering with brands to develop inclusive, diverse, and moving video content. Content includes the Smoke City doc-series, Movement Series, and Backseat Freestyle, among others. 

  • Provides creative consulting for underground content creators and brands whose visions and missions align with FTCTV's aim to create inclusive, authentic, and compelling content.


Filming and editing of Smoke City: Ultimo, the third installment of the Smoke City series, and Cami's first 

feature length documentary film. 

Support will also fund community programming, premieres, and lesson planning tailored around having St. Louisians address implicit biases, and confront the ways we can move forward with positivity, intention, and accountability.


Production house full launch; continuation of Movement Series and Backseat Freestyle, initial pre-production of Eighth Day feature documentary, and support of St. Louis based original programming, for creators and brands who want to collaborate with the FTCTV team, and who have a similar mission of advocating for positive change in quantifiable ways. Funding support for Phase 02 also includes filming costs for St. Louis based original content.

Our mission is to solidify FTCTV as the leading media platform for underground culture, championing for the marginalized groups that generate it. As a community of creators, underground culture enthusiasts, and like-minded brands, FTCTV will create the blueprint for how to mindfully consume content while advocating for the people who create it.

Meet the Team

FTCTV is spearheaded by St. Louis director and producer Cami Thomas. In addition to creating documentary content (featured in Teen Vogue, NPR, ALIVE Magazine, St. Louis Mag and more), Thomas also touts a robust formal business background. Following internships at The World Trade Center New Orleans and ALIVE Magazine, Thomas has gone on to work in marketing and sales for Telsa Motors, and most recently as the Field Marketing Specialist and Culture Marketing Specialist for Red Bull North America.

Calvin Tigre has been an integral eye for FTCTV productions, including acting as Assistant Director for both seasons of the Smoke City documentary series. Calvin is the leader of the Ursa Major musical duo, freelance videographer, and long-time St. Louis advocate and resident.


Alexena Lopez is a User Experience Designer with an eye for building more inclusive, empathy-based solutions for companies in the St. Louis area. She currently serves as the youngest board member of Saint Louis User Experience Group, where she works to bring software design to a younger generation.

From Cami and the entire FTCTV crew, we extend our sincerest thank you; for believing in our mission, for supporting our projects throughout the years, and for believing in a prosperous future in which the standard for authentic underground content creation. We're looking forward to welcoming you to the team as a supporter, whether it's through a donation, sharing the fundraising link, or even a quick high-five if we run into each other in St. Louis.  

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